The local Adelaide stonemasonry experts
The local Adelaide stonemasonry experts
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Stonemason Adelaide

 Stonemason Adelaide - plaster work, repairs and maintenance
Stonemason Adelaide
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Premier Adelaide Stonemasons

At Keynes Masonry Construction we’re the premier Adelaide stonemasons because our quality work is second to none. With years of experience behind us you can always trust our team for the perfect stone work solution at the best possible price.

We’ve built an excellent reputation in the industry by consistently delivering top class work on projects of all sizes, large and small. Whether building a retaining wall, repointing houses, repairing and restoring great looking stone work, we always go the extra mile to really satisfy.

As Adelaide’s premier stonemasons we can be relied on to provide free quotes for any and all stone work projects. Contact us today.

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Adelaide Stonemasonry Services

You can trust Keynes Masonry Construction with all of your stone work projects. Our reputation for strong work ethic, industry leading workmanship and affordable pricing is evident in each and every job we undertake. Our stonemasonry services include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

✔ Additions to existing buildings

✔ Architectural masonry

✔ Cladding (internal and external)

✔ Driveways and pathways

✔ Fireplaces

✔ New Home Construction

✔ Retaining Walls

✔ Repairs and Maintenance

For any service not listed above please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

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 Stonemasons Adelaide

Stonemasons in Adelaide

We’re the stonemasons in Adelaide that can always be relied on for superior workmanship. If the quality, aesthetics and longevity of your stone work is important, always make Keynes Masonry Construction you first call.

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